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Bostik Top 10 Construction and Residential Materials

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Bostik Top 10 Construction and Residential Materials

Anything you need know about this brand and their products.

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June 19, 2023



Bostik No More Nails Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive 100g

4.9 Star Rating
Reliable and cost effective solution for all your construction needs! This gunnable synthetic rubber adhesive is perfect for bonding a variety of materials, from wood to metal, and everything in between.


Bostik Blu Tack Original 75g

4.8 Star Rating
Bostik Blu Tack Original 75g is the perfect choice for any job at home, in the office, or even in a classroom. This permanently elastic, reusable adhesive will hold up posters, cards, children’s painting, certificates and more. Unlike other adhesives, Bostik Blu Tack Original 75g is non-toxic and safe for all the family to use.


Bostik Powerproof PU-D Waterproofing Mix 4 Liters (Gray)

4.8 Star Rating
For a reliable and long-lasting waterproofing solution that won’t let you down, look no further than Bostik Powerproof PU-D Waterproofing Mix! This 4 liter gray mixture is easy to apply, fast-curing, paintable with water-based paints, UV-stable, and highly elastic.


Bostik Super Vulcaseal Elastomeric All-Around Sealant

4.6 Star Rating
Bostik Super Vulcaseal Elastomeric All-Around Sealant is an innovative and long-lasting sealant designed to seal, patch, fill, and protect your building against leaks, cracks, holes and gaps in corrugated metal roofing, gutters, downspouts and plumbing pipes. Offering superior flexibility and durability – this unique product will stay strong even through extreme temperatures.


Bostik Powermix Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Mix for Concrete 16 Liters

4.4 Star Rating
This superior-grade cement is highly water-impermeable, flexible and reinforced with fibres for maximum durability and strength. It is also specially formulated to be compatible with concrete substrates, providing enhanced protection against water vapor and extreme weather conditions. With its UV resistant finish, Bostik Powermix Flexible Cementitious is the perfect choice for all your residential building applications.


Bostik Glu Dots Removable Sticky Dots

4.4 Star Rating
Bostik Glu Dots removable are perfect for all your creative projects. With their double-sided adhesive, they provide an instant bond that’s safe to use on photos and any other materials that you’re using. Acid and lignin free, these sticky dots are also great for scrapbooking, card making, collages and model making.


Bostik Powerfix Multi-Purpose Acrylic Latex Admixture 4 Liter

4.3 Star Rating
This powerful admixture fortifies leveling screeds, renders, and factory-prepared Bostik powder adhesives while improving workability, reducing shrinkage, and increasing flexural and compressive strength. It also provides superior shock, frost, and chemical resistance.


Bostik Blu Tack Colours Multi-Purpose Re-usable Adhesive

4.2 Star Rating
Bostik Blu Tack Colours Multi-Purpose Re-usable Adhesive is the perfect solution for a range of adhesive needs. Great for home, residential and building projects, this permanently elastic, non-toxic adhesive can hold up posters, cards, children’s paintings, certificates, party decorations and so much more!


Bostik Nevermoldz Advanced Antibacterial Tile Grout 2kg (Beige)

4.0 Star Rating
This is a premium tile grout that offers superior protection against mold, mildew and algae. Its hydrophobic properties provide a smooth finish while its high compressive and flexural strength make it perfect for large joints up to 15mm without cracking.


Bostik Super Vulcaseal Silicone Sealant

4.0 Star Rating
Featuring exceptional adhesion and permanent elasticity, this silicone sealant is a must-have for any building project! It’s resistant to stress-cracking, non-corrosive and can handle sustained flexibility at extreme temperatures.

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Bostik Top 10 Construction and Residential Materials