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Bosch Top 10 Power Tools

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Bosch Top 10 Power Tools

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June 19, 2023



Bosch EasyPump - Cordless Pneumatic Pump

5.0 Star Rating
EasyPump cordless air pump for mobility, leisure and sport. The solution for the desired air pressure at home or on the go. BOSCH Cordless Compressed Air Pump 3.6V 3.0Ah 150PSI Tire Air Pump with Bag & USB Cable Home and Garden Electric Bike Pump Mini Compressor EasyPump 0603947080 | 100% ORIGINAL / AUTHENTIC


Bosch PRO Pruner Cordless 12v - Power Tool/Home Improvement

5.0 Star Rating
Experience a new level of efficiency. This cordless Pro Pruner gets fruit trees professionally pruned in a flash. Profit from less exertion and fast results: compared to manual secateurs, the Pro Pruner can be smoothly operated with notably less effort thanks to its 12V high-efficiency brushless motor. The pruner´s powerful Li-ion battery system enables up to 4,500 cuts* per charge, ensuring long runtimes and lasting performance.


Bosch GSB 18V-50 Cordless Drill Freedom Kit - Power Tool/Home Improvement

4.9 Star Rating
The powerful GSB 18V-50 cordless impact driver offers durability and flexibility on tough jobs when drilling, impact drilling, and screwdriving in wood, metal, and masonry. Its intelligent brushless motor communicates directly with the tool’s electronics, ensuring working efficiency and a long lifetime. The impact driver’s metal chuck and ergonomic design make the tool compact and robust for easy use on heavy-duty jobs. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries (Flexible Power System) for convenience on even the toughest projects, from start to finish.


Bosch GSB 185 Li Professional Cordless Impact Drill w/ 23 accessories - Power Tool/Home Improvement

4.8 Star Rating
Optimised for size, the compact GSB 185-LI Professional cordless impact drill driver comes with a brushless motor and delivers a long-lasting performance with high speed. The impact drill driver’s compact design is made for challenging jobs while providing users with superior handling and operation. Thanks to its brushless technology, this power tool masters even the toughest jobs with ease while delivering longer battery runtime and durability. Achieving a maximum speed of 1,900 rpm, the GSB 185-LI Professional maximizes efficiency on the worksite, especially when screwdriving in wood or drilling in wood, metal, and masonry.


Bosch GDC 140 Diamond Tile Cutter

4.7 Star Rating
Following the heritage of current GDC 140, the new GDC 140 is positioned as Bosch’s main model by offering affordability, reliability and performance simultaneously. Fast cut and smooth cutting feeling make the tool ideal for tile, stone cutting at decoration projects and stone workshops; strong over-load capability provides benchmark endurance in heavy load application like wall chasing in concrete material.


Bosch Car Cleaning Kit - Tools/Accessories

4.6 Star Rating
The Bosch Car Cleaning Kit is perfect for flexible, fast and all-over DIY vehicle washing. It has a low-pressure brush for gently cleaning surface areas, windows and side mirrors. On harder-to-reach spots, such as wheel arches, the kit provides a 90-degree spray nozzle that attacks tough dirt with a powerful water stream. With the 6-metre extension hose, reaching around the vehicle away from the water source is effortless, allowing greater flexibility. Once washed, the handy microfibre cloth completes the job by drying and shining the vehicle to perfection.


Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance - Tools/Accessories

4.5 Star Rating
This high-pressure washer is the handy solution for regularly tackling dirty surfaces. The Bosch 360° Gun makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach spaces. One-handed operation provides more freedom and manageability for faster results. Additionally, the fan jet can be adjusted from a powerful jet spray to a gentle rinse, to suit the cleaning task. The EasyAquatak 100 can be used for cleaning cars, waste bins, garden furniture, and windows. It also has a High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle that applies detergent simultaneously with the spray for deep cleaning.


Bosch Advanced Aquatak 140 Pressure Washer - Power Tool/Home Improvement

4.5 Star Rating
Powerful and flexible cleaning. The powerful 1900 watt motor and specially coordinated nozzles combine to enable impressively fast and flexible cleaning results. Equipped with comprehensive special accessories for a wide range of cleaning tasks – giving the user maximum cleaning performance at all times. The special pump enables the high-pressure washer to take water both from the mains and from an external source.


Bosch GTS 254 Professional Table Saw - Power Tool/Home Improvement

4.3 Star Rating
High-cutting capacity and accurate results – this is Bosch´s GTS 254 Professional table saw. Powered by its strong 1,800 W high torque motor, this table saw makes any cutting job easy and efficient. With a rip cut capacity of 545 mm, cutting depths of up to 80 mm (straight cuts) and of up to 55 mm (45° angled cuts) on hard wood and plastic, it is ideal for a wide range of professional applications. Featuring an excellent flat steel table which ensures stability and precise cuts. A handy 265 mm table extension with sliding wheel can be smoothly drawn out to for a wider cutting range.


Bosch ProCORE 18V 4.0Ah Cordless Battery - Power Tool/Home Improvement

4.1 Star Rating
Latest cell technology offering same power as an standard 4 Ah battery – at significantly smaller size and better weight. Professional 18V System: 100% compatible with all new and existing Bosch Professional 18 V power tools and chargers. 135% longer lifetime compared to a standard battery due to COOLPACK 2.0 technology preventing the battery from overheating

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